Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO

Hoteles VAR

Hunting area and a Special Protection Area for birds, with Mountains over 2000 mts  altitude with a succession of hills and gorges, valleys and altiplanes that are the sourse of several rivers. Its wealth is made up by the 36 species of mammals: mountain goat, deer, fallow deer and mouflon. Otters, genets, martens and foxes, stand out among the carnivores and also wild boar, polecats and badgers.

EXCURSIONS: You can make it into the Park by your own car or 4x4 vehicles. Also offers you different hiking routes and multiadventure activities. Not far, you will find Ubeda and Baeza, Heritage of the Humanity Cities, a jewel of the Andalusian Renaissance with Palaces and stately houses. Also, you may visit an Olive oil mill or relax into the Termal Center Spa Oleo Salud with its water area located in La Iruela at the Hotel & Spa Sierra de Cazorla.


IN THE TERMAL CENTER you will find the most modern facilities with latest equipment, atended by expert professionals, offering all type of Individual Massages, Aesthetic programms, Baths and Floating-room, being the Extravirgin Olive Oil treatments their speciality.
In the Water Fun Circuit you will find Water-Jets, Waterfalls, Saunas, Waster beds, Jacuzzi, Celta swimming-pool, etc.

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Hotel Sierra de Cazorla

THE HOTELS & SPA SIERRA DE CAZORLA of 3* and 4* Can organize for you all the excursions and activities you desire.
Located in the Natural Park, in La Iruela and at 2 klmts. from the city of Cazorla, over a natural cornice offering magnificent views of until 20 kmts. The Hotel offers all comforts and facilities of a large hotel: Panoram ic Café with open fire, Restaurants, Outdoor Swimming pool, Indoor heated Swimming pool in the Spa, etc.

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Parques Naturales le ofrece paquetes de 3 a 8 días en Cazorla ó añadiendo Granada, Las Alpujarras ó Nerja.

Hoteles & SPA Sierra de Cazorla 3-4*
Apartamentos San Pedro
Tfno: 953 720 015 | Spa: 953 720 500
Fax: 953 720 017